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Khanda Automotive Engineering is one of the leading automotive engineering workshops in South Africa, based in Pretoria with leading technology in diesel truck and bus engines. We work according to Dekra ISO 9001:9002 quality certification and our automotive engineering workshop facilities as well as staff expertise are highly valued by our clients.

We also service small private enterprise workshops and individuals, with various automotive engineering services.


Operational Functions

We specialize in the repair and rebuilding of all models of diesel and petrol engines in the following makes:

  • Deutz (We are an appointed military agent for Deutz Diesel power)
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Atlantis Diesel Engines (ADE)
  • UD Trucks
  • Perkins
  • Mitsubishi
  • John Deere
  • MAN

We can however repair and rebuild virtually any make and size of engine depending on part availability.

We have a state of the art assessment room in which a stripped engine can be assessed by the customer together with our technicians to determine the cause of failure this can be done via Skype as well.

Our capabilities include Dyno meter Testing on the latest technology and machine shop activities such as:

  • Cylinder head reconditioning

    Assesment room

    Assessment room

  • Block line boring
  • Block re-sleaving
  • Regrind & Polish
  • Crank grinding
  • Flywheel skimming
  • Re-sizing con-rods
  • Straightening and balancing
  • Sub-assemblies
  • Re-boring
  • Pressure testing
  • Crack testing
  • Aluminium welding
  • General engineering

Production Lead Times: Normal production lead time for the rebuild of an engine is 5 x working days after confirmation of order depending on availability of parts.

Machinery and equipment at Khanda:

As an Automotive Engineering workshop, Khanda has the following machinery and equipment:

  • Crank Grinders

    Crank Grinding

    Crank Grinding

  • Crack Detector
  • Crank Polishers
  • Crank Bending Machine
  • Re-boring Machines
  • Honer
  • 30 Ton Press
  • Line Bore Machines
  • Serdi Cylinder Head Machine
  • Surface Grinder
  • Small end Cutter
  • Valve Reface
  • Small End Cutter
  • Aluminium Cylinder Head Cutter
  • Cylinder Head Pressure Tester
  • Conrod resizing  machine


    Dynomometer testing

  • Conrod Honer
  • Lathe
  • Milling Machine
  • Press Drill
  • Flywheel Grinder
  • Brake Drum Cutter
  • Booby Cleaners
  • Engine Stands
  • Dyno Tester
  • Engine special tools and equipment


Warranties of up to 1 year or 100 000km is available on request and will be granted under certain terms and conditions. Khanda Engineering a company that guarantees professional, high quality deliverable s in the automotive engineering industry.


I-Khanda is 51% black female owned and is a Level 2 contributor which allows for 125% procurement recognition.  See our homepage for more details.

Contact details:

Cnr of  Helen and Taljaard Streets, Hermanstad,
Pretoria, Gauteng
P.O.Box 283
Tel: (012) 942 8424/5/6
Fax: (012) 086 606 5251
Contact persons:  Henry Human – 084 319 4441
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