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Welcome to the DAWENU Group!

We value your visit!

DAWENU is a South African Company.

DAWENU is a 100% Black Equity Owned Company. The company is 80% owned by the PGSI Group which in turn is 100% owned by Mrs. RS (Bongi) Nyembe. The other 20% is owned by Mr. Mac Alman Stoffel (Owen Mashaba) who is a registered war veteran.

The group consists of a number of businesses ranging from Levels 1 to 2 contributors to BBBEE (Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment). Al companies in the group are at least 51% Black equity owned. All the companies in the group are either EME’s or QSE’s. A high BBBEE rating is the ultimate requirement by the South African government in order to conduct sound business in South Africa.

The Dawenu group specialise in the automotive engineering industry.

DAWENU is truly a trusted BBBEE partner for new and established business ventures.

DAWENU’s Board of Directors

Bongi Nyembe

Mrs. RS (Bongi) Nyembe

Owen Mashaba

Mr. Mac Alman Stoffel (Owen Masahba)